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No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at New Hope Church.


The Pastor’s Moment

Thanks for stopping by to visit us.

At New Hope Church we seek to live up to our name. 

About hope!  About new hope! 
For you, your neighbors, our area, for the world!

Our website continues to unfold.  And, so do we.  
That’s because we are continuing to understand that
the good news of Jesus Christ is good news for our world.  

I invite you to check the links (some of our connections)                     
that helps us to grow in God’s love and grace. 

Maybe we’ll meet some day.
At a market, the library, or over coffee or tea.     
If at Starbuck’s just pull up a chair.     
It might be just the time to connect.

On the first Sunday of each month at New Hope,  
there is always room at the Table.  It’s the Lord’s Table.   
Jesus is the wonderful host, and from his Table,  
we should never leave hungry or lonely.       
Jesus really gives new meaning to bringing people together.   
And, our Lord is a new and living hope.

Blessings ALWAYS,

Pastor Julian  

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